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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  July 6, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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everybody is having a good time. considering the sub is no good. it is about our country. our country is in trouble. with the phony 5% numbers you hear about unmoment, it is a phony number. a number that, with somebody looks for a job. you may be embarrassed. i would be embarrassed. somebody looks for a job. they give up. they're great people of they have worked all their lives. they can't find a job and they give up. now they're considered statistically employed. so we show this phony number. and on that i don't blame obama so much. this was to make presidents look good and make politicians look good, which is not an easy they know to do. they want to show how economy the economy. so as i was getting off the plane today we announced trade deficits which were already
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record setting. trade deficits worse than ever before. all i've done for years is talk about it. i used to talk more about clean. but also everybody. we don't make good deals with anybody. last night i was talking about trade. that's my favorite subject. that and strengthening our military and taking care of vets. they're my favorite subjects. other than my children or my grandchildren. i could talk about my grandchildren, let's see. he was 39 minutes in the back of a plane talking about -- ladies and gentlemen, the president will talk about his grandchildren. i'll bet they're beautiful. so he says they're beautiful. really smart. they're really good. i love them so much.
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they're unbelievable. one is brand new. beautiful little baby. okay. after about a minute, what can you talk about? you can say, here's a picture. look. so that's one minute out of 39-men time. then we talk about golf. so you say, jack nicklaus, who endorsed me. i love jack. he's the greatest. jack. did you know jack endorsed me? do you know how young jack was when he won the ohio state championship? jack nicklaus. he is the greatest guy. he is a friend of mine. i feel sort of guilty when i ask him. he said thank you, jack. you're going to do a good job. you're got go shake things up. when you talk that winners, is jack a winner? the u.s. open was on the other
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day. i think jack nick haus was in the top ten. it it was 18 times. i've never seen anything like it. his record is unbelievable. this guy is a winner. right? so when i get endorsements from jack nicklaus, bobby knight. bobby knight. bobby will be speaking at the convention. we have so many people. we have such a great convention planned. i have to go back. this is the final thing. so last time, every time i go home, my wife asks, how was the crowd? they didn't show the crowd. they only show when we have protesters. i love my protesters. don't we have any protesters today? when we have protesters, do you have you have someone? no.
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friend or foe? i love my protesters. because the cameras spin around at angles you wouldn't believe. they look like a sausage. my first two speeches, noticed protesters. every time i went home, big crowds. did you see the size of the crowd? last night you heard the sounds. many, many more than he got. you hear the humming. it is not like 12 people. last night we had a great evening in north carolina. we're going to do great there. we're winning here. by the way, the section i just left last week, wonderful congressman and his wife. i said to him, i don't want to embarrass anybody but i said,
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did you endorse me? even if i don't like you, i would endorse you. do you know why? you have a 29-point lead in this section of ohio. i said you're right. you have to endorse me. we're going to take care of our miners and our steel workers. hillary is not nafta which was signed by her husband. the worst trade deal in the history of the country, signed by bill clinton. and he didn't suffer from it. it was everybody who followed who suffered from it. i look at your jobs. they're moving to mexico. china is coming in and making it i think possible. i'm going to do so much about it. it will be so easy.
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it number one, i hate saddam hussein. but i love saddam hussein according to the press because they're dishonest as hell. they heard what i said. and they said it very, very strongly. they said, he should have spoken about hillary clinton. i wrote out four pages that i wrote out. and i read it. possibly by point by point. after a long time. i don't know, many, many minutes. i have thousands of people. and this really stupid guy, chuck todd. i refuse to use his name. i am not going to call him sleepy guys anymore. he said he had an opportunity to hit hillary clinton. did you see what i did last night? am i correct?
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it got to a point. i was hitting her so hard. the problem is i am a professional. the system fixed and rigged and prone. so i'm doing it because i feel i have to do it. and it is sort of boring to do it. to be honest. and i wanted to get on the military and the vets. i wanted to get on to terror. lots of predictions. i wanted to get on to terror. one of the reasons the women are liking me a lot lately. thank you. thank you. they feel i'll keep our country safe. and they love ivanka and
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melania. and they'll be speaking at the convention. and by the way, so just to finish, so i get hit this morning. he had the opportunity -- everybody said i made a great speech. i'll tell you how bad my speech was last night. cnn covered it from point to point without a commercial. fox covered it practically beginning to end. that's how bad my speech was yesterday. if it were bad, folks. they don't care about polls. they only care about one thing. what is it? ratings. i made a speech that some of the folks gave an a to, some of them
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5 5. he had a chance to really go after hillary clinton. oh, what i did to her. after a while we have to talk about other things. okay. so here's the story. we're going to make america great again. we're going to take our country back for everybody. not for us. not for this room of not for this room. not for the overno room. not for the people outside. we're going to take our country back for everyone. we'll take it back for african-american youth who have a 59% unemployment rate. we'll take it back for african-american youth who have a 59% unemployment rate and have no chance. no chance in our society. do you know high just spoke to?
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don king. i said you know what? you beat the system. he is a friend of mine. big don. greatest boxing promoter of all time. someone said, and mike tyson endorsed me. he endorsed for president. bernie sanders for vice president. he put a big ad in his paper. he wants bernie sanders for vice president. that's a new one. big don king. wow! we like that. newt has been my friend for a long time.
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and i'm not saying anything. and i'm not telling newt anything. but i can tell you, in one form or another, newt gingrich is going to be involved with our government. that i can tell you. he is smart, he is tough, he gets it. and he says i'm the biggest thing he's ever seen in the history of politics. newt had been involved. that may be tough. you know, i have somebody else very special here. so i have wonderful children. and i'm lucky. they were smart. born smart. they were smart. god was good. they went to great schools. they're in business and did well and they feel so strongly about what i'm doing. they don't even like it in
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material of doing it themselves. they love what they're doing. my one boy is here. eric trump. eric. i'm very proud of airing. he's done a great job of real estate business. i threw him in this political business. he's doing a damn good job. i love this crowd. is not it nice when you don't read from a speech? ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for being here. or hillary with the teleprompters every single time. and whether you go, north and south, or east and west. trump is a bad person. he hurt the little people. i didn't. made a lot of money. i left seven years ago.
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then she said after a little while. after about 12 minutes, people start leaving. the nice part is, i go to scotland and i know i'll get killed because the press is so dishonest. i went to make sure that my boy -- we're doing had massive renovation like we'll be opening the old post office in october. we're ahead of schedule. i could open it sooner but i want to open it as close to the election as possible. i could open in august. even if i delay it a month or two. the hotel will open sooner. but i want to say, we're more than a year ahead of schedule and we're under budget and the product is even better than i said it would be. right? maybe i'll open it december 7,
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the day before the big day. the press will be this. they'll be this by the hundreds. they won't say we're under budget or ahead of schedule. people know. we have children. and i want to support my children. i think i've been a good father. i want to support them. ivanka has been great. tiffany is just starting. baron has great potential but he's 10. he has great potential. i put my children as they grow, a little older, in charge of different things. and i put eric in charge of the great turnbury resort. now they call it the open championship. and eric spent the last year going back and forth. he spent two days over there. he would go back and fight with contractors and they did an unbelievable job. i've been hearing about it.
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i said if i go over there, these dishonest horrible human beings, they will say trump went over to play golf. i can't do that. but i have to support my children. so i said, i'm going to fly over and fly back. and i want to support my son. so what happened -- just to show you how dishonest hillary clinton is, and the press. so i go out. we have the bag pipes, a ribbon cutting on the ninth tee overlooking the ocean. the beautiful light. one of the greatest courses anywhere in the world. we rebuilt everything. the hole. it's great. that was the day where europe had the big turn. the uk left. and i said, not but i have a pulse, right. we need someone with a pulse.
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so you have obama. if that happens, they'll go to the back of the line. i think obama might have been the reason they broke away. he doesn't help. he said the uk is going to the back of the line. not a nice statement. can you imagine if i said that? the back of the line? oh, would i be killed for that statement. so he said they're going to the back of the line. bottom line, a lot of times. no. i think they're going to break away. i think they want their independence. i see what's happening with migration. i see where company are being forced to take people that they don't want. instead of letting them go back to their homeland where they want to go, germany is a disaster right now. sweden, part of sweden. things are really bad. so ini think -- the odds were
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20% that i would be right. i said it will be approved. i was right. they broke away. they broke away. then the next day they said oh, trump was right. we'll be right a second time. we're tired of incompetent people. we're tifrd incompetent leadership and incompetent people. hillary clinton, she's incompetent. the only good thing she's ever done is get out of trouble when anybody else would have been in jail by now. that's the only thing that i've ever seen her do that was a great job. i have to give her credit. i have to give her credit. i have to give bill clinton credit for going to that plane and saying for thine minutes, he talked about his grandchildren and he talked about golf. this is no way you can do that.
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i told you. two minutes for the grandchildren. two minutes for golf. we have 35 or 36 minutes left. let's talk about hillary. and hillary talks about, i think i will repoint the attorney general. you're waiting for a decision by the attorney general. you're not allowed to do that. that's bribery, folks. then the attorney general comes out, as newt said. the attorney general comes out and says, in charges. she said she's going to repoint the attorney general and the attorney general is waiting to make a determination as to whether or not she's guilty. and boy, was that a fast determination. wow! don't just come out with one or
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two sentences. >> so i go to scotland. the waves are crashing up on the rocks. we're opening the course. getting toward cut a ribbon. we have so many press. how many? 400. 450. it was unbelievable. they were all this for brexit. and they were all there to see what would happen. now that's about six hours old. they want the next story. they're bored. all of a sudden i start hearing, what is trump doing in scotland? playing golf. so i have a great news conference. even newt said i had a great news conference. he is a very critical guy. he sometime says i don't like what he's saying but there i did a good job. so let me tell you.
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any questions? any questions? and the place goes crazy. i'm telling you. we had as big a group of media as you've ever seen it. they all drove up from london. everybody converged. one of the questions was mr. trump, if the pound goes down, how will turnbury do? i didn't bring it up. if the pound goes down, it will do very well next day, it is in an ad by hillary clinton. they don't show the question. here's the thing. did you hear donald trump? all he talked about was -- they show me. they don't show the question. if the pound goes down,
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turnberry will do very well. then they gave me a golf club. i said i don't want to touch it. i'm leaving. i inspected the hotel, the courts. i said eric trump, you did a great job. i'm getting the hell out of here now. i want to be back campaigning. i want to get out. congratulations. my boy, i love you. come up, eric. i love you, my boy. i love you. that's my 6'6" boy. he will always be my boy, right? so i said, i'm out of here. i'm going. i'm leaving. i have to go. but they said mr. trump. would you like -- no. i don't want to touch your club. because i know, if i touch the chub, these horrible, horrible human beings, plus the hillary clinton thousand people staff that she has, right?
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will come up with a clip of me holding a club. so i don't want to touch it. so we cut the ribbon. i inspected the property. i'm very proud of the job he did. unbelievable job. i was in scotland one night. that's not easy. it's a long trim, right? i was there one night and i was out of there. here's what happened. the next day the news comes on. donald trump who went to scotland in the middle of the campaign to may golf -- here's what's worse. they took my statement on the pound. if the pound goes down, turnberry will do great. everybody thinks i'm bragging and i want the pound to go down. here's the worst. so that crooked, crooked disgusting group that works for hillary clinton, now remember, i never touched a club.
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they show me hitting a ball. donald trump playing golf in scotland during the troubles and everything else of the world. and they put in it an ad. with you the picture was from two years before at a different course. the only good thing, it's true. and they said playing golf at turnberry. two good things happened number one the head of turnberry said sir, did you take an ad is this we're being swamped with business. that's good. the other thing, the swing looked good. so hillary, thank you very much. how 'tis honest is that? so they show me playing golf at turnberry and i didn't play golf. it was more. do you know how i can tell? i was even thinner.
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i love, i looked thichbl relatively thin. but i want to say, this young guy, my daughter, my other son don, my wife who puts up with a lot with all of that going on. this is big stuff. my family has been so my sister is incredible, a federal judge, court of appeals. my sister his liz, my brother robert who is a great guy. i had one brother who passed away. but i have great -- tiffany has been so amazing. my kids miry family has been so unbelievable. mostly people love it. some don't. the one thing that's interesting. my wife said, when you go out, everybody loved you. now most people love you. but there are people who don't.
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you never had those people before. i said we have to make america great again. and hopefully my biggest dream is to have those people love me, too. not because of me but because we're going to do such a great job. does that make sense? so i'll introduce eric trump. did he an unbelievable job. he is doing an unbelievable job. and he was pushed into the world of politics, not because he wanted it but because i said good luck on television tonight. you're doing this show. so eric trump, everybody. >> wow! wow! wow! thank you. we have some good fans over there. my father is just the greatest. and i truly say this from the bottom of my heart i love him to death. as a family, we love him. and thank you for loving him.
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>> good evening. i'm in for chris matthews. we've been watching donald trump at this rally in ohio. so that about many things. did he in full disclosure criticize our channel and our colleagues along with many other media criticism complaints about how he's been treated. about accurate quotes he's made, feeling that it is out of context including about brexit. then the breaking news. he spoke that attorney general loretta lynch is saying the hillary clinton investigation will be completely closed with no criminal charges filed. in a statement within the last hour lynch announced she is now accepting the unanimous recommendation from fbi director james comey who made big news with his press conference, explaining why the fbi did not find evidence to support any charges against hillary clinton or her aides. you may remember that was yesterday. he is set to testify. he will answer questions the fbi investigation about clinton's e-mail. a big legal and political story.
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lynch's new announcement provides plenty of fodder. at the rally he was with newt gingrich. gingrich considered one of the contenders for the number two spot on the republican ticket. tonight's event was even characterized as a tryout to become trump's running mate. others have said they don't want to be considered for veep. trump was hitting hard. >> i just heard the news, it just happened, as you know. she made so many false statements. is she going to be broke? she chams that it was more convenient to use just one device.
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the fact is the fbi director said hillary used several different servers, even though she said it was one. hillary clinton said she turned over all of her related e-mails. i saw that. the fbi director said hillary clinton failed to turn over several thousand work-related e-mails. including e-mails that were classified. rigged system, folks. very sad. >> and off with the papers. tonight and last night trump went as far as accusing clinton of bribing attorney general with a promise of retaining her at the justice department in a potential clinton administration. >> she said today that we may consider the attorney general to go forward. that's like a bribe. how can you say that? it's a breeb.
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i mean the attorney general is saying, if i get hillary off thing who, i'm going to have four more years or eight more years. if she loses, i'm out of a job. it is a bribe. she is laughing at the stupidity of our system. she is hafg and so is her husband bill. laughing at what's going on. >> joined now by katy tur. we've cut away from him having given him a chance to speak to analyze and report a bit. your view of how donald trump has been dealing with what has been a very active couple of days here as the cleanse e-mail investigation is officially closed. >> yeah. right now, just a moment ago, he killed a mosquito and said something about hillary clinton. so he has certainly gotten quite a bit off message. in the past two days he's been given a real opportunity, according to the republican operatives and republican advisers to really hit it out of
4:30 pm
the park with hillary clinton. essentially the ball was put on the tee and he was given an opportunity to we know is the bat as hard as he can. a nonpartisan figure, the fbi director james comey. somebody well almosted came out and excore '80 hillary clinton on her judgment saying she was careless with classified material. this feeds into the narrative. the judgment to be president of the united states. instead of staying on that message and hitting it over and over again, donald trump has repeatedly gone off message. yesterday talking about saddam hussein and how he was good at killing terrorists. tonight, a number of topics. attack chuck todd and going back to the saddam hussein comments. back from the tweet over the weekend that was allegedly a star of david tweet that he got a lot of flak for online.
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then he went back to chuck todd. then talking about jack nicklaus, then the golf course, then being bribed by hillary clinton, then talking about brexit. then talking about how he was unfairly criticized for saying if the pound goes down, the british currency goes down. then he went back to his golf course and talked about how he was unfairly criticized for being there and did not golf there. >> let me ask you. you just cited several examples. we know he knows how to mix it one the press. he is indeed effective and sometimes manipulative with the press. he brags it in the art of the deal. tone sounds particularly defensive about being quoted out of context on a number of stories. is that normal or does that sound a little extra?
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>> a little more than usual. tonight is unusual given the chimt that this campaign is in. so when you're talking on donors and talking to folks just waiting for him to get on message. waiting for him to be a figure the party can rally around. they said this was his real golden opportunity with you it is not one that he has taken. this is especially important at this moment. he is trying to find a running mate. today he already saw joni, the senator bob co-worker drop out of the race. taking. they out of contention. i'm told they were not high on the list to begin with. but he needs to fiend someone who will assuage the base in
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washington. so many have said they don't want to be involved in the campaign because it is so unpredictable. >> thank you very much. david corn from mother jones and the reporter for usa today. all some "hardball" regulars here. your thoughts on donald trump's inability to stick the landing thank we're where anyone in politics has noticed, there are some things one could criticize hillary clinton on with some evidence, even though i would note as i've said, that it was a clean book of health on the criminal standard. yet he is all over the map. >> i'm kind of stunned. it seems to be three hours, going on 45 minutes. i love katie. i understand how she has to report in a very objective manner. but in some ways it looks like
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we're seeing a guy who is unhinged. if you showed anybody the last 20 minutes and said he may be the leader of the free world one day. they would think you were talking crazy talk. stream of consciousness. 90% of what he has said is about him and how he has been wronged by the media. by our colleague chuck todd and everybody else. he has gone back and forth between issues over and over and over again. if i'm a republican operative or donor or even a modern voter and i'm watching this guy. i'm thinking, i don't want him leading my team. his head could showed that at any moment. and i think we have to realize that he is an unstable candidate who can't stick to a message and can't deal with any subject seriously without calling names and making outlandish charges
4:35 pm
without proof. >> the old saying in politics is if you're explaining, you're losing. on a week when his opponent has come off the benghazi investigations, he is here explaining why yes, it sounded silly when he talked about the brexit in material of his own golf course. who else is thinking about that except donald trump? >> right. like david said, it will play right into clinton's hands in terms of that argument they've been trying to make about donald trump which is all about temperature perlt. it was almost as if at the beginning, they gave him these notes. he knew towed read them. in his heart, he couldn't stop himself from going after, talking about all the ways in which he felt he had been wronged by the media. calling out your own chuck todd as sleepy eyes. repeatedly making more swipes at chuck todd. he made more the swipes at chuck
4:36 pm
todd than hillary clinton. the republicans were very much expecting him to take that ball and hit it out of the park. we saw a lot during primary campaign. this was a rambling variety show. the impromptu, calling his son up on the stage. i have to imagine and would love to be a 90 on the wall in reince priebus' office or any other republicans who were expecting a very different performance than he just did. >> chuck todd, moderator of "meet the press," can speak for himself if and when he wants to. i would say on the substance, the remark that seemed to bother donald trump was the ability to deal with the political openings he's been presented with. that is to say, not even the media criticism of, you covered
4:37 pm
trump university and you didn't tell the good side of the story. it really rankled him that something that many republicaned have been agonizing over. he doesn't have a general election focus ask this is a race between two people. >> he just proved chuck's point with this nearly hour-long rambling exercise in narcissism right now. >> now it's getting deep. it is getting circular. >> i like chuck's eyes very much. the guy i feel sorry for is poor newt gingrich. this was his big coming out. not only does donald trump step on the message the republicans want about hillary clinton, he steps on his own message which was having newt gingrich out there tonight. that's why i say this narcissism thing. i'm not takerbly shocked when i go to trump rallies.
4:38 pm
this is very much what you see. it rambles. there is a central focus. that is isn't donald trump wonderful? >> what does he bring? >> two more ex-wives. he brings in ego that's bigger than donald trump. he brings in his failed presidential campaign. he was booted out of the house speakership after trying to impeach bill clinton for sexual improprieties and he was engaged in his own set of those. is there any angry white guy out there who will only vote for trump if trump picks newt gingrich? maybe gingrich won't take it. we seem people running away.
4:39 pm
this controversial personality which i'm betting reince priebus would not like to see on the ticket. >> to extend the metaphor, i suppose the question where this rutabegga has begun to mold and whether anyone would start smelling in it cleveland. >> certainly, we haven't talked to bob corker about that in a direct fashion. did he bow out exactly under 24 hours after having his open appearance. what does that mean to you? >> he's problems from the beginning. this is going to make it harder. newt gingrich was saying that he had questions about trump after the racially charged comments he made. in term of what he's saying, this was supposed to be a trial run for newt gingrich. did he speak briefly in the beginning?
4:40 pm
again, this is making clear, this is making it xheer going forward, it is ball donald trump. sth and the legal standards that exist in the bush era. we've seen donald trump among others saying, hey, wait a minute. was hillary clinton let off the hook while others were not? one of the cases cited was general david petraeus. legally that was very different because there was direct evidence of passing material to an unauthorized person and misleading fbi agents. neither of those had any context in the clinton situation. somehow things were done differently this time out. sth what donald trump did with the e-mails was wrong. it violated established guide
4:41 pm
lines at the time. i think james comey's statement was on the money. the issue as to where it was criminal or not. there is no precedent for this. we've had legal experts the last few months say the u.s. government has never really brought a case in this way. so donald trump has a really good opening here coastal criticize hillary clinton on the substance. that she was care has and reckless. he has to make it bigger, more conspiratorial. that's where he goes off the rails and shows that he is not really a responsible person when it come to civil and mit discourse. >> i want to ask you a question. beyond what david just said, i actually wonder there is a competence issue of whether donald trump listens close enough and understands the nuances of what director comey said or has people around him
4:42 pm
who can brief him on that to get to the point to say there was a lot in that presentation about state department policy, secrecy policy, responsible management of information at the height of diplomacy and national security. that one could enter into with some substance and nuance that would actually be an argument against the leadership rather than say, this is a rigged system like he thought delegates were rigged against him. and it is back to his own talking points. >> well, sure. a lot of republicans said when they were watching comey's statement, they were surprised he didn't indict. they had given him a treasure trove of sound bites that the republicans will be using in ads. and the fact that trump a day after comey gave him thought information, basically point by point, deconstructing everything that clinton has said, leading
4:43 pm
up to this which was, at least misleading in terms of saying she didn't send classified information. in fact, it was classified. and on down the line in terms of things that she said that wound up being intentionally or unintentionally not quite accurate. he had a lot to work with. and when, your question is basically, does he not understand the 92 wants? and the legal differences? that's a -- oom issues, he is not shown much of an interest in drilling down to that finite level. even in this case. this could really benefit him to do so. if he could show the discipline to climbed of tease that out and make the compelling case using comey's own words. >> it would be bizarre if it wasn't so routine. heidi, david and dana. thank you for joining us. coming out of that speech. very interesting. up next, we have the other big
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police immediately. i demand for the chief to be fired immediately. >> welcome back to "hardball" of that was michael mcclanahan in the baton rouge naacp calling for what he wants in justice today. this after a black man was shot outside a convenience store early tuesday morning. police say 37-year-old aldon sterling was shot by police after getting into a confrontation with officers who were responding to a 911 call. tonight we can tell you there is brand new video of the shooting. this was recorded by the owner of the food mart. we'll show you, this is very graphic and disturbing. it shows two officers on the grounl with sterling. it does not show what happened after the incident which could be crucial. the owner who took this video. the new one. said he saw one of the officers remove what he believes was a gun from sterling's pocket. the video was inconclusive as to what was removed from the
4:47 pm
officer. in another separate video, one officer appears to shout. he's got a gun. we'll play that for you. >> they shot him? [ bleep ]. >> there are conflicting accounts about what happened. the chief of police telling reporters, sterling was armed. but later when asked if he was armed, he referred to the federal investigators at doj who just today opened a civil rights investigation into the case. that is unusually fast. the officers accused in the shooting has been identified, they have been placed on administrative leave. that's standard operating procedure. joining me for all of this. the former police chief of orlando. also running for congress.
4:48 pm
when we look at this, we have a slice of video. we do not have all the videos. we do not know all the before and after i want to ask you a fair question which is based on the video we do have. do you see anything wrong? >> well, first of all let me say that it is definitely a tragedy that has occurred in baton rouge. my heart goes out to the family and everybody who was there that had to witness it. everybody that will be affected by it. we know that all of the facts are not in. we need to see all the video from every different angle. we also need to interview all the witnesses and certainly track down the initial caller that i think can provide some very crucial information. looking at that very narrow piece of video, i do not personally see anything, any actions that the suspect made would dictate the use of deadly forceful. >> you're saying the way the suspect was pinned to the ground. we can probably show that on our screen so people see it. the way the suspect appears to
4:49 pm
be pinned or restrained in the way that is available, that doesn't pose a risk to justify use of force? >> i have worked the streets, in just about every different division, rose up through ranks to become the chief, worked in internal affairs and investigated shootings. they're very, very stressful. there is a lot of pieces of information. physical evidence and statement that's need to be taken. but when i look at the video without all of the information, and it is still early. but without all the information. when i look at the video that has been provided. i don't see anything from viewing that that would, that the suspect did, that would justify the use of deadly forceful. >> what about you? >> well, i was concerned when i saw the video last night. but looking at the video that was released today, only doubles
4:50 pm
my concern. it is concerning to see that video and realize someone lost manner. and i agree with val that looking at that short clip of just a moment in time, the use of deadly force seems very unreasonable there and only confirms that you need an outside, independent, law enforcement body to investigate this shooting. >> congressman, you were telling some of the "hardball" staff before the show that getting the federal investigators involved can sometimes take weeks or months. how fast was this compared to precedent and what was different this time? >> the only thing i can tell you is that i am some of my life experiences and after katrina with the dansinger bridge and the henry case. it took years for the dansinger
4:51 pm
bridge case. it was ruled self-defense because the decedents had fired on police. the fbi comes in a couple years later, do an investigation and find out the decedents weren't armed at all, never fired on the police officers, ended up charging them, they pled guilty. so for the justice department to be involved so early, is unique, but in this case, i think, it was very warranted, because we really had to give the community a sense that this would be done by the rules, by the book. it will be thorough. we're not going to sweep anything under the rug and we're going to make sure that we answer all of the questions that are raised by this video and that we're going to let the facts take us wherever they lead us. >> congressman richmond and val
4:52 pm
demings, thanks to both of you. appreciate it. up next, the "hardball" roundtable will be up next to talk about some of donald trump's comments about dictators. you're watching "hardball," the place for politics. for you. you can go ahead and stick with that complicated credit card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or... you can get the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on ev-e-ry purchas ev-e-ry-where. i shouldn't have to ask. what's in your wallet? you gein your car. odors you think it smells fine, but your passengers smell this. {ding} eliminate odors you've gone nose blind too, for up to 30 days with the febreze car vent clip. wow, it smells good in here. so you and your passengers can breathe happy.
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saddam hussein was a bad guy, right? he was a bad guy. really bad guy. but you know what he did well? he killed terrorists. he did that so good. they didn't read him the rights, they didn't talk, they were terrorists, it was over. today, iraq is harvard for terrorism.
4:55 pm
you want to be a terrorist, you go to iraq. >> welcome back to "hardball." that was donald trump yesterday offering some praise for the former iraqi dictator saddam hussein. moments ago, he claimed the press took those remarks out of context. >> i said bad guy, saddam hussein, bad guy. then i said again, saddam hussein is a bad guy. but he did one thing well. he killed terrorists. i wake up, i turn on the television. donald trump loves saddam hussein. i said, that's not what i said. that's not what i said. i don't love saddam hussein. i hate saddam hussein, but he was damn good at killing terrorists. >> and this was not the first time trump said complimentary things about authoritarian leaders and dictators. here he is talking about vladimir putin. >> i think i'd get along very
4:56 pm
well with vladimir putin. >> i think in terms of leadership, he's getting an a and our president is not doing so well. they did not look good together. >> i got to know him very well because we were both on "60 minutes," we were stable mates. but you know that. >> trump also said kim jong-un's ability to maintain power after his father died is amazing. >> if you look at north korea, he's like a maniac, okay? you got to give him credit. how many young guys, he was like 26 or 25 when his father died, take over these tough generals and all of a sudden it's pretty amazing, when you think of it. how does he do it? even though it's a cultural thing, he goes in, takes over, it's incredible. he wiped out the uncle, he wiped out that one, he doesn't play games. >> kim gattis, correspondent for
4:57 pm
the bbc and john capehart from the "washington post." kim, what is the deal with everything he just said? >> well, i think donald trump does have a very strange fascination with strong men, but he's factually incorrect, actually. not only did saddam hussein gas kurds in his own country, repress the shias in his own country, but he also harbored the terrorist, gave shelter to a palestinian militant who carried out a lot of atrocities in the '80s. he gave shelter to an iranian opposition group that was listed as a terrorist organization. so the idea that he was going after terrorist is incorrect. the key idea, is, repression leads to more extremism.
4:58 pm
so perhaps saddam hussein provided a kind of stability, but in the long-term, it paid off quite well for his interests, to some extent western interests, but in the long-term, it feeds extremism. a lot of what we're seeing in iraq today is a result not only of the iraq war, but also the kind of thing that was going on under saddam hussein. >> it's wrong in a deeper sense if he thinks this kind of authoritarianism would counter terror. >> it shows that donald trump has no knowledge of, in this case, affairs, no knowledge of the history of iraq or the middle east. and on the other point, you know, we're dealing with a person here who we just watched for 45 minutes, him talk for most of the time about himself, being wronged by the press, and nothing about where he wants to
4:59 pm
lead this country, and in particular, where he wants to lead when it comes to fighting terrorism and bringing about some kind of stability, if not detente in the middle east. >> donald trump seems to once again want to show that he's really fascinated by dictatorships. not only that, one piece that really made many of us cringe, while we were watching him, he likened saddam hussein to the harvard of terrorism, going against terror. and it's just very interesting. to piggy back off what jonathan said, you have to remember, this is a totally different society than 20, 30 years ago. right now, we have iraq, afghanistan, syria, we have places in africa, terror is breeding everywhere, and he can't even pronounce tanzania. i'm saying it myself, he cannot
5:00 pm
pronounce tanzania. he said tanzania. so once he learns foreign policy, maybe he'll understand how dictatorships play a role in the wrong way to do foreign policy. >> that is "hardball" for now. thank you for watching. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. tonight on "all in" -- the world premiere of trump-gingrich. >> this is magic. you're now on facebook. >> it's fantastic. >> worldwide. >> good to be with you. >> number one continues auditioning number twos. as last night's veepstakes contestant bails on trump. >> i wasn't going to say anything. >> then -- >> his excuse for all this failure is that atlantic city just went downhill, that it's not his fault. but don't believe it. >> hillary clinton returns to the scene of the


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